In Search of Fausto Tasca

My grandfather, Fausto Tasca, was present in my childhood home through his art work. His sculpture, watercolors, and oil paintings were prominently displayed throughout the house. His art work fascinated me, but he was doubly intriguing because he was the grandfather who had died decades before I was born. He was the figure about whom I knew virtually nothing, and about whom I wanted to know everything.

My Nonna, his wife, said little about him. When pressed she would simply exclaim, "He was a genius!" My father also rarely spoke about him, although every now and again Dad would tell a funny story about Nonno's sharp sense of the absurd. Or, he would regale us with stories of how Nonno experimented with novel techniques, or devised a brilliant solution to a difficult design problem.

As I said, I know very little about Fausto, the man. If you, or a family member, have a story regarding the life or career of Fausto Bellino Tasca, I would love to hear it.

If you have information regarding the recovery of his paintings from the Cabrini Chapel in Los Angeles, St. Peter's Church, Los Angeles, or The First National Bank, Los Angeles, please contact me at